Morning walks ~ weekly photo challenge

via Photo Challenge: Morning

This weeks photo challenge word is Morning. High desert mornings are for walking.

Before the sun completely warms the earth, my kids and I head out – with coffee or tea in hand – to explore our town. Madras has amazing walking paths, one of which leads up to this view point.  Our house is on the street in the middle.

Some days we explore new trails.  Central Oregon is full of amazing natural treasures if you are willing to walk a bit to find them. Heading out early to beat the heat and crowds is key…we are usually hiking out just as other hikers begin to arrive.IMG_20160804_130029

Good morning & happy hiking,
Holli P


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  1. I love that you bring your own coffee or tea in hand, Terry & I often do this when we take a walk to the park, lately we bring a mason jar filled with refreshing ice tea! Beautiful pictures!

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  2. Tina Schell says:

    Very beautiful, how nice to have a walk like this in the mornings!

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