Flip-flops & Tank Tops

No matter where you are, local seasons can be measured in unique ways.

tall fireweedIn Alaska, summers were measured by the number of bonfires & potlucks attended, by how many salmon we caught, or how tall the fire-weed grew. Autumn was measured by whether or not you got a moose, and winter by the snow depth, by the wildness of the aurora, or by the extreme cold. (Fun fact, nose hairs freeze almost instantly at -20F, so your nose makes a great extreme weather thermometer.)

Here in Madras, seasons are completely different from what I’m used to, so I’m finding new ways to measure them. My current favorite is with flip-flops and tank tops.
Just how many days in a year CAN I wear them? Finding out is turning out to be a lot of fun.

IMG_20160805_115934For years, every time we traveled I purchased fun bo-ho and hippie style tank tops knowing I’d rarely have the chance to wear them at home.  I knew one day I’d live in the sun again, so I packed them away, longing for warmer days as I piled on the layers. Now living in central Oregon, tank tops are everyday summer wear and the season seems to go on an on….. My shoulders are so happy!

IMG_20160805_120108As for the flip-flops, I’ve got Southern girl feet that long to be free!  Some girls have huge shoe collections, but I’m happiest if I can get away with just a few pair (flip-flops & my beloved Chuck Taylor’s).  Too many winters with too many wool socks made my feet sad.  Now i’m living up my first Oregon flip-flop season.  So far I’ve worn my flips everyday for 6 months. Even went hiking in them yesterday. Ahhhhh! 🙂

By August, summer is all but gone in Alaska.  The rains have come, and winter is on everyone’s mind.  Its prep time.


But here in Madras, the season’s end is nowhere in site. Skies are blue, and while mornings are cool, it’s warm enough to wear my tanks and flips from dawn to dusk. Flips season began in February this year, and I pulled out the tanks in mid March.  I have no clue how long it will last, but I’m soaking up every minute I can.

IMG_20160402_181022Cheers to happy, sun kissed shoulders & feet,
Holli P.




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  1. I just came back from a lovely walk in the forest wearing my beige Kangol fedora, a soft black tank and my favourite black sandals – the warm sunshine and perfect blue sky can go on forever if it wants! I’m glad you are enjoying every moment, great post!

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