let the summer adventures begin!!

Today is the kids last day of school which means its time to clean the car, scrub the ice-chest, pack up the tent, dig out the sleeping bags, & plan this weekend’s menu cause tomorrow is officially summer break…….ROADTRIP!! Time to get out and smell the sagebrush. 🙂

Camping adventures are a big part of our family life.  We’ve tented in 8 US states & 2 countries (so far). In our pre-Oregon life, summer camping was usually a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, if-we-have-the-evening-off-&-its-sunny-lets-go-camping type affair, but i’ve learned quite quickly that that style of adventuring will leave you high & dry here….everybody books in advance. WAY in advance.  Oops!

Lucky, living in central Oregon comes with its own easy access to a wide variety of geographic regions, all of which I intend for us to experience. Despite my lack of pre-planning knowledge, I think i’ve slammed together a rather fun summer.  So far we’ve got a trip to the desert, a trip to the coast, a trip down the river, & several mini trips in-between. Ye-ha!

Here is our summer MUST-DO list:

*Soak in hot springs
*Fly kites on the coast
*BBQ with neighbors
*Float the river
*Star gaze in the desert
*Discover back roads
*Camp with friend

Our first adventure starts tomorrow at Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Burns.  Don’t worry, we won’t forget our snacks! 😉

Happy Summer!
Holli P.






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