Canvassing Madras – meeting my neighbors

I’m sure you can tell which candidate I support, but that’s not the point of this post. Nope, this post isn’t just about politics, it’s about discovering the people of my new community and seeing if there are many (any??) like me.

To date, Madras seems fairly apolitical. There are a few pick-up trucks flying confederate flags, but that’s about it. There aren’t any pro-candidate signs in yards, people don’t hold rally’s, & even opinionated bumper stickers are pretty rare. None the less, everybody knows this is conservative town, being rural/agricultural based and all. But being in the heart of Oregon there must be an undercurrent tilting to the left as well, right? Right? Well if so, that undercurrent sure is hard to see. Why? Because living here you are SUPPOSED to think conservative, and people are scared of looking/thinking different (& probably of being ostracized).

IMG_20160509_203722To be honest, since moving to Madras i’ve keep politics to myself. This is a first for me, I’ve always been outspoken. A little too outspoken sometimes, but hey, that’s me. ūüėČ

I know there must be at least a few people in this town that think similar to me, so I decided to buck up and find out, all while supporting my candidate.  With the help of my daughter and a few friends, I began canvassing.  Turns out, i was right!  Here are a few things i heard while knocking on doors:

Most interesting comment: ¬†You are brave. ¬†It’s scary being a democrat in these parts.¬†¬†

Most common comment:  Thank you so much for doing what you are doing!

The most common question:  Are there REALLY other supporters in Jefferson Co.?

imageWhy yes, yes there are! ¬†There are quite a few of us actually, but we’re all so quite about it that no one knows we exist. ¬†Including us! So why is everyone scared to say how they feel? ¬†Because it IS scary being in the minority.

Despite my discoveries, I’m still playing a bit like a safe chicken. So, how do i fight the feeling of political isolation? ¬†Simple! ¬†Start a Facebook page & host a potluck / lawn-game ¬†party. ¬†Food & badminton solve oh so many problems, let’s if they’ll boost the confidence of the progressives in this community. ¬†ūüôā

with love bernie

Speak your mind & #feelthebern

Holli P.


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